January 14, 2009

LMC's 24th Birthday Dinner

Happy belated 2009! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. I usually don't make new years resolutions, but I do resolve to blog more often because I love taking photographs of my culinary adventures and sharing them with the world! So, let's get to it. Among the events of 2008, I turned 24. For the occasion, Mr. Tall and I went to George's Ocean View Terrace in La Jolla. The Terrace is comfortable and casual, whereas the George's California Modern, located below, is much more formal.

We had been there once before when I was mad at Mr. Tall (neither of us seem to remember what it was about). He took me there--and everything was forgiven and forgotten. Like our first visit, Mr. Tall planned it so that we would be dining during sunset. By the way, reservations are highly, highly recommended because there is always a long wait to get a table since the Terrace area is quite small. Mr. Tall and I were seated right at the edge of the Terrace with the most beautiful view of La Jolla Cove. As we basked in the spectacular sunset, we started with the Charcuterie Plate with La Quercia prosciutto, Pecorino Crotonese, fig mustard, and grilled bread. Mr. Tall and I unanimously agreed that this was the best starter we have ever eaten at a restaurant. I realize that's a big statement, but everything about this charcuterie plate was perfection. The prociutto and cheese were excellent, the fig mustard was absolutely divine (with huge chunks of figs)--putting all the elements on the perfectly grilled levain was simply foodgasm.

For our entrees, Mr. Tall went with the Penne Pasta with Braised Lamb--braised lamb shoulder, artichokes, roasted tomatoes, peas, olives and minted ricotta cheese. He really liked the dish but said that the he could have used less of the ricotta cheese because it was a bit overpowering to the rest of the flavors.

I was in a seafood mood, so I ordered the Mediterranean Seafood Stew with calamari, clams, mussels, and "fresh fish" in a boullabaisse-style brother, served with grilled levain and rouille. I really enjoyed the stew--the seafood was fresh, the broth was very flavorful, and the rouille, the usual garnish atop a boullabaisse, just pulled everything together.

I think the dessert offerings vary. That night Mr. Tall had a banana, chocolate, and pecan tart, and I enjoyed a decadent warm chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream. Both were yummy! It's worth mentioning that the Terrace had a quite extensive list of wine by the glass. With our server's recommendation, I went with the Albarino from Condes de Albarei in Rias Biaxis, Spain. It was such a lovely and light white wine that went very well with the Seafood Stew. Mr. Tall, not being a big fan of wine, enjoyed a white beer of some sort. All in all, I had a fantastic birthday dinner, and George's Ocean View Terrace is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego. If you want a casual yet refined dining experience, and an amazing rooftop ocean view to boot, then make a date for George's.


Little Miss Contrary

Coming next: a little food travelogue to Scadinavia and meeting Marcus Samuelsson!


Roger. said...

With such a positive review I think I have to check out this place soon :D

KirkK said...

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to you LMC...you young pup you....

caninecologne said...

Happy birthday! :) Sounds like you had a lovely time at George's.

I've been there before for lunch - awesome view!