June 5, 2012

Sweet Start to Our Married Life!

One of my favorite aspects of planning our wedding was choosing the desserts! I knew that I did not want a giant wedding cake and definitely wanted cupcakes and French macarons. (Again, photos courtesy of our amazing photographer Aaron Huniu at Aaron Huniu Photography). Here is a shot of our dessert table!

We found a wonderful local bakery called Sumi's Oven. Her bakery is located in a somewhat random business park; but I think because her bakery is located in a non-traditional location, she is able to keep her prices reasonable given the great quality of her cakes. Our 2-tier wedding cake consists of a marble cake with raspberry filling layer and a hazelnut chocolate layer with simple whipped cream. We didn't get to have any of the marble/raspberry layer (I mean, we already tried it at the cake tasting), but we had some of the hazelnut chocolate layer, which was so delicious! We have half of the hazelnut chocolate layer in our freezer that we are planning to bust out at our 6-month anniversary (not sure if the cake would still taste good if we wait for our 1-year anniversary ...). We also order mini vanilla, lemon, and red velvet cupcakes, which flew off the tier like hot cakes!

The next item on our dessert table are macarons! I have had some amazing macarons from Bouchon, Bottega Louie, and Miette, but I realized that finding good ones in San Diego may be a challenge. Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced me to Heidi at Triple Cream Bakery. We had strawberry macarons with strawberry buttercream filling, lemon with lemon buttercream filling, key lime with dulce de leche filling, and chocolate with chocolate hazelnut filling. We were so happy that we were able to find delicious macarons for our wedding!

Last but not least, I surprised Mr. Tall with a groom's cake from my friend Janelle's Silver Cup Bakery. Mr. Tall is a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan, so the design was an obvious choice. The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate malt filling and cream cheese frosting. Mr. Tall loved the cake and it was delicious!

Mr. Tall and I would highly recommend all of the bakeries that we worked with for our wedding--or any special occasion! Our wedding was such a fun fiesta, and we would love to do it all over again especially taste testing desserts. Eat well and until next time!



Coming up: LMC's culinary adventures in Los Angeles (Pizzeria Mozza!) and some of our new favorite spots in San Diego.

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