October 7, 2007

Retro-Blogging: Summer, Part 1

This post is long overdue ... I have been meaning to post about yet another fantastic trip to Thailand this past summer, but law school has been life-consuming that I can't seem to find time to do much else. But here is a photographic summary of what I ate and enjoyed in the Motherland:

One of my first dinners at home: kao lad nah gai--simple and hearty chicken, mushroom and coagulated chicken blood (it's good--don't let the sound of it scare you!) gravy over rice

Moo satay--pork satay (you can hardly find chicken satay--pork is the meat of choice), served with peanut sauce and cucumber vinaigrette

Grass jelly dessert with lotus root, sweet plum, and ginkgo nuts--really cool and refreshing on a hot, humid day, which is practically everyday in Bangkok

There is a family-operated noodle house (which is literally in their house) nearby our house, where they hand-make Chinese noodles and use fresh crab meat in their absolutely simple and delicious dish.

One of my childhood favorite dishes: kao mun gai--"greasy" rice (rice cooked in chicken broth) with fried chicken, served with a side of sweet chili sauce and chicken soup

Yum Som-O: pomelo salad with shrimp and dry roasted Thai chilis (a Blue Elephant recipe)

Ka-nom Jeen (rice noodles) and red curry with chicken, coagulated chicken blood, and winter melon

Fresh mung-kut--mangosteen

Miang-kum: a traditional Thai snack of leaf wrap with peanuts, lime, red onion, ginger, chili, dried shrimp, toasted coconut, and topped with a sweet yet savory sauce

Noodles with stewed duck meat and Thai iced tea--a perfect lunch

Noodles soup with stewed duck

Kanom-Krok--coconut milk custard

Various cocktail desserts at a wedding

Foodie break: pwong ma-lai--traditional flowers for any Thai auspicious occasions

Meals on wheels--almost!

The traveling pan, frying up some glorious chives cake and dumpling

Coconut ice cream topped with taro, sweet sticky rice, and toddy palm seed

I've got many more pictures to share but I'll just end this first anthology of pictures with my I'm-a-selfish-sweets-addict-I-can't-just-choose-one-flavor birthday cake. I'll be back soon with more, I promise!

Little Miss Contrary


KirkK said...

Boy, have you kick started my appetite. You sure did eat well. Loved that photo of the mangosteen.

Taurin said...

You make me want to go back to Thailand. Only for the food though.

regina miller said...